Well prepared conferences and workshops

November 2018

This is your moment, so here are four key steps to bear in mind when preparing your trade fair activities. This article applies equally to a conference, a workshop or any other event you organise.


Step 1: Communicate in advance!
Invite your address book, your customers, your members, your team and your press contacts to get the widest possible audience! The show organisers will provide you with a range of supporting tools, including email signatures, free invitations, flyers, etc.

Don’t forget to create a Facebook event. To be even more effective, add co-organisers to your event, such as the speaker’s or trade fair’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page, etc.

You can also promote your event in online diaries.


Step 2: Be ready!
Practise: add value to your conference topic to make it extraordinary! Audiences will be more receptive to your idea if you are happy to share it with them.
Don’t forget to interact with your audience: ask questions, give examples, tell anecdotes. The interaction you manage to create is just as important as the content of your presentation.


Step 3: Organise your arrival.
Check that you have all your equipment in the dedicated space. Do you have the right connections for your equipment? Do you need an internet connection, a power source or an adapter? Make sure you have everything you need for your event.
If you have any problems, contact the organisation team to find a solution.


Example of an invitation, handed out by the exhibitor on his stand, at the same time as the general documentation

Step 4 : Promote your event.
On your booth, announce the event with a poster or dedicated flyer. This will attract spontaneous visitors.
During the event, remember to provide flyers, business cards, brochures or even forms to collect new and interesting contacts.

You can also promote your event by posting a video, photos or an article on the web and your social networks.

Finally, participants are sensitive to small attentions. A drink can be served on your stand to round off your event.

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