How to get extra visibility?

November 2018

Conferences, workshops and other events allow you to demonstrate your expertise to a targeted audience!

Event organizers provide public spaces for your networking meetings, product presentations, keynotes, round tables or press conferences.

Ask the organisers about additional visibility opportunities at the fair.

1.- Once you have defined your objectives, give the organiser a catchy title to promote your event.

Here are a few examples:

“How to do it”

  • “How to prepare your sailboat for a cruise”.
  • “How to take successful travel photos”

“A listing”

  • “The 10 best sailing destinations”
  • “5 best tips for travelling around the world”


  • “The car is dead, long live the bicycle”
  • “Can cycling relieve traffic congestion in city centres?”

2.- Use a short text and a photograph to illustrate your animation. By including interesting and original content, the event will be promoted even more by the organiser and the press!

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