Establish two-way conversations

September 2018

Rather than repeating a standard sales pitch, try to spark a conversation with your visitors.

Get out of your comfort zone! Go beyond the simple “Hello, can I help you?” and think of catchphrases that focus on your product/service. You can start by brainstorming with your team to draw up a list of interesting questions.

Here are a few tools to facilitate a conversation:

  • Prefer open-ended questions such as: “What brings you to the fair today?”, “What do you think of this product?”
  • Rephrasing the discussion is an effective tool to refine and confirm a visitor’s request.
  • To end a long discussion, don’t forget to summarize the various points discussed and suggest a next step.

Visitors will be more inclined to chat with you if they feel that the conversation is going both ways. And don’t forget, a simple warm smile could have a much greater impact than you think.