Special offers

April 2019

Visitors can sometimes take advantage of the fair to make purchases on the spot. They are particularly keen to hear about special offers at trade fairs, as this is a common practice. This type of offer is not necessarily a discount but, to be a real success, must represent genuine added value for the client.

Find your own formula:

  • an extended guarantee
  • additional services included
  • special conditions for the second year of a 2 year-commitment
  • a gift box
  • any other combined offer

Limit your offer in time (only for the duration of the fair or allow a few days after the show). Don’t be too broad, or you’ll lose effectiveness. This type of offer is designed to encourage customers to make more impulsive purchases.

Don’t forget to communicate your Fair offer in advance. See our article “Spread the word”.

Don’t propose “fake special offers”. You’ll lose credibility if customers spot them!