Startup Hub

From CHF 790.00

The “innovation” scene by the Swiss Boat Show.



Highlight yourself and join others promising companies at the “Startup Hub”.

Take advantage of the visibility of the largest boat show in Switzerland to a very affordable price thanks to cost sharing with other startups. Specific communication is provided towards press and visitors.


Additional information


– Booth background visual
– Exhibitor access cards
– Free (electronic) invitations

You will benefit, in sharing

– A surface with partitions included
– A locked storage space
– A set of furniture (tables, chairs and reception counter)
– Electric supply (1 kW during the 3 days of exhibition)
– Stand lighting (LED directional spots)
– Waste tax
– Wifi access
– Security service
– A specific communication insured with newsletters and PR.

To be noted

We will later ask you later the visual you want to display in the startup hub. We will take in charge the printing fees of the visual and you will have everything ready for the boatshow.
For this reason, we ask the exhibitors of the startup hub not to bring any roll-up or additional display.


Exhibitor parking
Host a Conference or a workshop


Get a 50% discount on booking for hosting your conference / workshop.


The eligibility of the offer is subject to validation by the organizer.
Price in CHF (Swiss Francs), without VAT. Invoice payable upon receipt. Non-contractual illustration.