Sponsor the central pool

Be at the heart of the most visible entertainment of the boat show.


The main activities of the show happens at the central pool: initiation to sailing and paddle, The Night, etc. Take advantage of a great visibility by connecting your brand with it.

Visibility on the boat show

  • The central pool is covered in your colors (except a space reserved for the program)
  • 4 kakemonos / totems between the fans or a floating element in the middle of the pool
  • on signage (totems, customized tarpaulins on the pool)

Visibility on www.salon-nautique.ch

  • in the highlights
  • on the map of the show
  • in the list of partners

Additional information


Production and installation of customized tarpaulins included.
Visual provided by yourself.
Kakemonos / totems are provided by you.

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